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Youth Summer Camp (Satellite & Rooted)

July 28 - August 1, 2019 $0
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Dates & Times

  • Jul 28 - Aug 1, 2019
    12:30pm - 2:30pm

About Youth Summer Camp (Satellite & Rooted)

Cost: $225 DEADLINE: Sunday, June 23rd, 2019

Dates: Sunday, July 28th – Thursday, August 1st
Departure and Arrival from the Cornerstone Building

Location: Camp Cedar Crest- Big Bear, California

Why do we do camp?
Students are being pulled in a dozen different directions all school year long. Truth can become blurry and pressures can really begin to weigh in. Camps can afford students the opportunity to step away from the distractions to think clearly and experience Christ in a fresh way. Jesus sets for us this example, as He would often retreat to desolate and quiet places to seek the Father and pray (Mk 1:35). If we have one hour of quality investment time with your child each week at Rooted and/or Satellite (say roughly 50 hours a year), we will nearly match that time together in just the few days we spend at camp. Camp is a high concentration of community, discipleship and fun!

Why should I send my child to camp?
When I ask students "so when did Jesus begin to make the most sense to you? "The answer I almost always get is either winter camp or summer camp! For many, camp becomes the beginning of deeper faith and God-sized dreams! Even when we think about the beginning of our own faith, we are usually drawn to memories of specific environments that afforded us unhurried time to think, breathe and worship. Usually, those spaces included specific people who were bent on showing us more of Jesus. Camp creates that unforgettable environment and includes those faces that will forever become a part of the future faith stories of our students.

How old does my child have to be to attend?
All current middle school and high school students are welcome to attend.

What does the cost of the camp cover?
The cost of camp covers just about everything: meals, lodging, transportation, all activities and camp keepsakes.

What is the cut-off date for camp registration?
The cut-off date is Sunday, June 23rd, so be sure to sign-up fast!

Are there any camp discounts?
We would hate for finances to discourage any student from attending camp. If your family would benefit from a partial scholarship, please contact Pastor Mike at mgentry@tcotw.org for middle school students or Pastor Ben at bmcentee@tcotw.org for high school students.

What will students do while at camp?
Camp is created to engage students with the gospel in ways they understand. Students will enjoy nightly rallies, high-energy worship, small group discipleship, tons of fun and other special camp exclusive elements!

What are the sleeping arrangements?
Students will be staying in cabins. They will be assigned according to their age and gender. Each cabin will also contain 1-2 adult leaders.

Can my child partially attend?
Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate partial attendance for camp.

Can my child pick who they want to room with?
Students cannot pick who they want in their room. You can imagine trying to accommodate everyone according to his or her rooming preference becomes exceptionally difficult. At the same time, we try our best to organize the sleeping arrangements according to who we know will want to room together. The only exception is if a student brings a friend who does not attend youth group. We will be sure to accommodate them in their rooming preference.

How will my child be transported to summer camp?
Currently we will be transporting all students in buses. All vehicles will only be driven by professional drivers or The Church On The Way approved and responsible adult leaders.

What will my child eat while away?
Your child will be fed three square meals a day and provided with all necessary nutrition.

Where can I find a packing list and general schedule?
We have all of those details in the Registration Packet which can be downloaded during online registration or you can get a physical copy from our youth group gatherings.

How will my child be supervised?
Each student will have an assigned adult leader who will be responsible for overseeing their cabin group. All adult leaders have been background checked. In addition, we feel all of our adult leaders have a strong calling to serve students. Our aim is more than just supervision, but also discipleship.

How can I see what’s happening while my child is away?
A leader will periodically send text updates but you can also check our “TCOTW Middle School Parents” Facebook Group or "Satellite TCOTW" Instagram page for photos and updates! If you haven’t been added, please let us know!

My child doesn’t know anyone and is nervous about attending, what can I do?
Going to camp can be intimidating because your child may not know anyone, or maybe they are unsure and nervous about what camp will be like. I have never seen an environment create community like camps and retreats. If your child has great friendships at school or on a sports team, it is likely because they spend concentrated time in those environments. Camp provides a similar concentration of time in order for friendships to happen and ultimately camp becomes a springboard into building lasting and godly relationships in youth ministry. It may just be time to jump in! We are proactive in making sure students acclimate well to new environments and set our camps up to foster new friendships. Most often, the same students that are nearly dragged to camps are the ones we have to drag home to leave!